Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Hills Re-Design

So this year has started off with a bang! Our first project was a re-design in Escondido. We are still waiting on final pictures. That was a crazy project, so our next job was back in Temecula! Yay! In a beautiful area known as Vintage Hills.

Sweet clients needed to get there home on the market and SOLD so they could move to a more "hip" location...the golf course! The home they are selling was older but had so much charm and gorgeous views. But potential buyers were going to have a tough time getting through all of the personal items. This was a quick re-design project, a day and a half and the results are fantastic!

Remember, this is the sellers own furniture. We simply came in, stripped away most things, but left the charm.

This is the family Room before...loads of stuff!

Family Room After...loads of charm!

Kitchen before

Kitchen Before (above)...a lot of stuff and you miss the most beautiful views...views sell homes!

Kitchen After (above) This is an older kitchen, we just made it feel warmer.

Master Bedroom (above) had too much furniture in it...and the layout wasn't flowing either.

Below...just right

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Re-Design 411

This is the BEST, MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to get your listing ready to showcase, market and SELL! In this market every Realtor should get to know staging services that really work and fit into most budget! In this economy, Realtors should be educating your listing clients on the benefits of Re-Design.

RE-Design-using existing furniture and accessories in a new and different way, layout & design as to offer a whole new look to the space, without a lot of cost, since it's all existing!
We go in to the property, set up a beautiful home using the clients own furniture and accessories, lighting, art etc...
IF the home needs a piece of furniture we can put piece by piece in place to create a Market-Ready property that is ready to get SOLD!
As you look at the before and after pictures, ask yourself what you would do with the before property. We transformed this space in two days and it was affordable too. Using her four car garage to store the pieces we didn't use.