Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fireplace Inspiration from Boring to Wow!

Since moving into the house, the client has never liked the fireplace. You can see why, boring!

The clients overall look and feel is a traditional style. The longterm gameplan for this Temecula remodel is broken into three phases. We will be removing the door to the right of the fireplace as phase two of this remodel.

Fireplace Before

The client presented this picture as her inspiration fireplace. Simple, tailored and classic.

Design from magazine

Fireplace under construction
Fireplace under construction

Here are the final photos...

Building up this fireplace created a much needed focal point for this room. Understated, yet classic and traditional.


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Curb Appeal Really Can Make or Break A Sale!

On one of our most recent staging projects we saw some serious challenges with the curb appeal. Upon arrival, the first thing that came to mind was "uh oh, this might be the ugly duckling of the neighborhood". It had serious potential though; with just a few recommendations to the exterior, we saw a beautiful transformation.

There was so much visual confusion with the various architectural elements on the exterior. Multi- colored brick, tile and paint, with weeds to top it off. It was a disaster...but not for long.

Exterior Before 1

Exterior Before 2

In order to quiet this exterior, here's what our recommendations were:

  • Mulch should be added to all dirt areas
  • Sod should be added to create a front lawn to the left of the driveway as you enter.
  • In front of the house, add two full, vine type of plants to soften the brick on each side of the walkway. These should already be trellised for longevity.
  • The same version of vine should go at every column, bringing the count to almost 12.
  • Change out the orange / tan on all casements (door and window) to a darker brown (not flat and no browns with red). Branchport Brown - HC-72 - Benjamin Moore is the best - match it!
  • Our proposal includes the front door topiaries in big urns. We'll create an inviting front entry.
After a few simple changes, here's how the exterior turned out!

As you can see, full service staging is paying special attention to every detail especially when it comes to Curb Appeal!

We have more to tell you about this project coming soon.


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